September 2, 2018

Ain’t technology great? This past Saturday, when my beautiful wife and I were in Daytona Beach, I was able to tap a few keys on my laptop computer and publish, The Bluegrass Files: Twisted Dreams, Book Two in the series.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Not by a long shot. Do you know the expression, “Technology making your life easier?” Well, for me, it was a week of technology making my life “simply frustrating!” I won’t go into all the stumbling blocks the denizen of the netherworld threw in my path, but let me simply say that when the book went up on Amazon, I was singing “Hallelujah” in four-part harmony . . . all by myself!!

And now it’s time to begin the most difficult part of the process. As time-consuming as the writing of the book was (approximately ten weeks), and the editing even more so (four months), it is the challenge of getting the books onto the national stage that is most overwhelming. Now, the word “overwhelming” may bring to mind having to work extremely hard. But for me, in this context, “overwhelming” means not having the slightest idea how to even begin to accomplish that goal.

I do believe one thing. Like any gigantic project involving others, moving forward is going to depend on help and support from friends and acquaintances who would like to see it succeed. My challenge is to figure out how to ask for that help in a way that doesn’t simply come off as a sales pitch. If any of you have any suggestions about ways to accomplish that goal, I would really appreciate your sharing your thoughts with me. For now, I might just take a moment to sit back and appreciate the fact that both books are out there “in the wild.” They made it past the first hurdles, and where they go from here probably has more to do with the plans someone greater than me might have than with how smart and hard-working I could ever be.

Once again, thanks for stopping by.

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