July 22, 2018

For those of you who have been kind enough to follow this journal, I apologize. I haven’t written since May, and I appreciate your dropping by when I do. So much has happened since last I’ve written that it’s hard to even remember it all. Oh, and by the way, that’s what I’m using as an excuse for not getting to this sooner. 😊

Okay. So, I’m sure everyone is wondering how the first book, The Bluegrass Files: Down the Rabbit Hole is doing. First, a little context. Most independently published books sell approximately 30 copies. The “official” average for all independently published books is 103 copies. Today, we passed the 300-copies mark, along with over 13,000 pages read on Kindle Unlimited and in the Kindle Lending Library. Not bad for a first-time novelist, for sure.

From a more pragmatic perspective, I believe my team (my wife Denise, my daughter Kristin Morford and her husband, Logan) has done a really great job of reaching our warm market. The next challenge is to start to move onto a national playing field. So far, the results have been less than stellar.

It is true that we currently have 19 reviews on Amazon, 15 five-star, 3 four-star, and one three. (Actually, that last one was on a pre-publication version of the book and I very specifically dealt with that reviewer’s concerns before actually publishing.) Those reviews, and the many, many kind words from folks who “loved” the book but never wrote a review, make me believe it is fair to say the book was well-received.

And now, it is time to announce that come August 12th or so, the Book 2, The Bluegrass Files: Twisted Dreams will be released with a book-launch event at the Carnegie Center for Literacy in Lexington on September 29th. Let’s hope that the interest in the two books feed on each other and we are replicate the great start we had with the first book and move even further ahead with the second. Any support you might give us in this effort, telling friends and family, etc., would be much appreciated. Thanks for dropping by.


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