February 25, 2018

Welcome back. Big week this week. As some of you may have noticed from fb and twitter, this is the week I finally put my hands on the first actual copy of The Bluegrass Files: Down The Rabbit Hole. Now, technically, it’s just a proof copy, but as I work my way through it (the umpteenth time I’ve read this thing), I’m finding just tiny changes I’d like to make. For those of you who are keeping track, you’ll remember that the paperback copies are being produced at CreateSpace, a print-on-demand publisher. Fortunately, making changes with them is relatively simple. I just replace the electronic file and they send me another proof. Assuming nothing else goes astray, it will be time to print the first actual run of the book (however many copies I choose.)

Some other great news, I sold my first 13 or so copies! Well, kind of. My friend Lucy has a book club and they have agreed to read the book as their April selection. Obviously, I’m not yet ready to deliver the books, but as soon as I can, I’ll put the books in their hands. They are planning on having the book read before the launch at Magee’s on April 28th, and coming to the event just for fun. Nice.

Thanks for keeping up. Have a great week.


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