April 21, 2018

Well, here it is . . . the last weekend before the big book launch at Magee’s Bakery (726 East Main, in Lexington, setting for the Bluegrass Files Series) Saturday, April 28th, 6-8PM.

I’m really kind of amazed at the amount of work that has gone into putting the event together. Between the imagining done by my daughter/resident millennial/social media guru, Kristin, and the diligent work shopping and creating visuals that my wife, Denise has done, we’ve already put in lots of hours preparing. With the professional posters, flowers, balloons, music, and props, we’re hoping to have created a really festive atmosphere with lots of photo opportunities.

And a special thank you goes out to Bev and Greg Higgins of Magee’s. Bev, especially, has been so gracious. And with their help, we’re able to provide free coffee and drinks, along with finger-print cookies and some delicious party biscuits that feature Magee’s special country ham.

Of course, there will be the opportunity to purchase signed copies of the book. I’m hoping lots of friends show up, including those who have already purchased their book, so that I might have the opportunity to sign it for them. I know one thing. I will be immensely grateful to anyone who takes the time to come down to Magee’s to support me, my family, and this crazy adventure of ours.


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