April 15, 2018

And there off! Here it is, Tax Day, and for the first time I’m glad to see my tax burden increasing. Not that selling 36 books in ten days is going to put me in a higher tax bracket or anything but knowing that Amazon is actually going to be sending me (eventually) a check for Royalties on a book I wrote is kind of a strange thing.

Of course, it’s not like there’s a lot of profit in all of that. After cost of production and Amazon taking it’s share, an author only makes a pittance on any book that’s sold. Given the years I’ve already put in and the costs of getting the book up on Amazon, it will take lots and lots and lots of book sales to get this endeavor anywhere near the break-even point.

Honestly, what is much more significant for me is the notion that producing something that others are excited about, are enjoying, is more important to me than any kind of financial reward. Thinking about the people I know, and those I don’t, walking into an office that only exists in my mind, or coming to care for people my fingers have somehow brought to life, is kind of amazing. Sonia and Brad and Jet, they are now real people, not only for me, but for others. Based on the reviews I’ve gotten, I know that those readers have kept turning page after page because they honestly wanted to know, cared about, what was going to happen next to my little crew of crime fighters. It’s a feeling I wish each of you could experience─and one I hope to have many more times before my own adventure ends.