Behind the Curtain


The videos that lie behind this curtain allow readers the opportunity to visit the locations that constitute the settings for various scenes in The Bluegrass Files, and to meet some of the people who own, run, or inhabit those places.

Would you like to see what Maggie’s really looks like?

Would you like an inside peek at the Lexington Castle?

Would you like to taste one of Joe Pastrami’s fabulous breadsticks? (Actually, I can’t help you there, but I can show you around the place and let you meet Joe, himself.)

Now . . .
If you are one of those readers who would rather not see these places, would rather stick to the images your own imagination has conjured up, I understand.

If so, dare not to peek behind the curtain! (Please use those imaginations to conjure up some creepy music in order to complete the effect. Thanks – fjm)